To teach tajweed (correct pronunciation), writing, / grammar of Arabic Language to understand noble quran and basic islamic knowledge & seerat-un-Nabi (sas) in the classroom at schools & colleges


To develop students as positive, balanced pesonalities who understand Quran, follow the sunnah and practice islam as it was taught by our prophet Mohammed (sas) and practiced by sahaba, (r.a) become better human beings, true Muslims and the best citizens of our country..
  • Majority of students cannot read the Noble Quran with Tajweed and understand the message even as they complete their highest level of education. They do not practice correct Islam and depend on others for explanation leaving themselves open to exploitation by others. These students are unable to present the message to others.
  • They do not have correct knowledge or understanding of the life, character & personality of our Prophet Mohammad SAS.
  • Muslim students deviating from Islamic way of life and values (Quran + Sunnah) due to lack of knowledge are becoming wrong doers and bad examples in the society.
  • They do not have any respect for parents, elders and others in the Society.
  • Younger generation increasingly is becoming impatient, intolerant and aggressive, more & more indulging in Alcoholism and other forms of addictions.
  • There are several social, moral, cultural, economic and other problems evidenced & experienced by one and all in the society that need preventive measures.


  • Recite Noble Quran with Tajweed.
  • Write Arabic Language Learn Basics of Arabic language.
  • Learn 40 important duas / supplications plus glorification of Allah recited while performing Salah (Namaz) (Azkar-Salah) (Establish direct contact with Allah SWT).
  • Learn Manners
  • Connect with Allah & His Rasool SAS
  • Learn stories of Prophets and our Prophet Mohammed SAS and his PBUH and the Companions (Sahaba) RA and other value & morals from History of Islam.


  • Vocabulary of Noble Quran.
  • Arabic Grammar & Language of Quran to understand Noble Quran on own without the assistance of any translation.
  • Basic Islamic Knowledge (Values and Morals).
  • Seerat-un-Nabi, SAS
  • Able to read Noble Quran with Tajweed & understand as they read without the assistance of any translation.
  • Establish direct contact with Allah SWT & strengthen it day by day.
  • Start loving Allah SWT & His Rasool and increase this attachment every day. Fear and have Allah SWT every moment in their lives.
  • Mould their thinking, character, attitude, manners & behavior as per Seearth-un-Nabi SAS and grow morally as well as spiritually. Be truthful & upright, patient and tolerant of others. Accept people as they are and try to improve relationships with others. Become Torch bearers of Social Justice.
  • Students to value and respect their parents, teachers, elders and others in the society.
  • Help parents support them Nurse them & take care of them in their old age when they need it most.
  • Learn to differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong and to have the moral courage to opt for good and just choices.
  • Keep away from fanatism, extremism, ill will towards others, violence, dishonesty, corruption, exploitation, drug abuse and other addictions.
  • Understand & feel their responsibility before expecting or claiming from others.
  • Develop humility and humbleness in their approach, attitude and behaviour.
  • Become, good human beingsm True Muslims and the best citizens of our country.
  • MESCO Arabic Language & English Education (ALEEF) Program to be made available to all & compulsory for all the Muslim students at schools and colleges.
  • To allot 4 – 6 periods a week for each class.
  • Train existing Arabic, Islamic Studies & Theology Teachers, and or to appoint qualified & trained teachers as per requirement.
    • AALIMS (Scholars) to be trained for one month annually from 1st to 30th May at Hyderabad or as per requirement at any other place in India or abroad. They are given a revision of Tajweed and MESCO Arabic curriculum and also English Language, Teaching Methods, Computer skills, Personality Development skills etc. Presently training is also held annually at Bhopal, Indore, Delhi, Aligarh, Mangalore, Chennai, wherever more than 50 candidates are enrolled.
    • Graduates, B.Ed, D.Ed or Hafiz-e-Quran to be trained for six months at MESCO. They are taught Tajweed & Recitation of Quran with Tajweed, Arabic Grammar, Vocabulary and language of Quran the technique to understand Quran without the assistance of any translation. They are also taught Seerath-un-Nabi (SAS), basic Islamic knowledge, English Language, Teaching methods, Computers and Personality Development skills etc. so that they become efficient MESCO Arabic teachers at schools and colleges especially in an English speaking environment. On completion of the course they are awarded Diploma Education in Arabic Language (D.E.A.L) after evaluating them by conducting an examination at the end of the course. Kindly contact us for the date of commencement of course.
      The above course & training is provided free of charge by MESCO even boarding lodging local transport and study material is provided free
  • Teach prescribed books Published by MESCO – Media, for every class and monitor performance & results
  • Easy Tajweed for Class II or any class from II to X Standard or College students or even Adults who have not learned Tajweed so far.

    Tajweed, recitation of Quran and basic Arabic language is taught.

    Exercise BOOKS
    1. Exercise Book I - 1st Standard
    2. Exercise Book II - II Standard
    3. Exercise Book III - III Standard

    language of Quran is taught, as follows

    PHASE – II
    1. Grammar Book I - 4th Standard + Work Book I
    2. Grammar Book II - 5th Standard + Work Book II
    3. Grammar Book III - 6th Standard + Work Book III
    4. Grammar Book IV - 7th Standard + Work Book IV
    5. Grammar Book V - 8th Standard + Work Book V

Note: Those who cannot Recite Quran with Tajweed must be taught to recite Quran first only then they should be taught language of Quran. The above curriculum is condensed and is taught for 6 months or 2 years as per the requirement to college students and adults to obtain the same results.

  • About 300 or more schools all over the Country have already adopted the programme and about 3, 00,000 students are enrolled in the program at present.
  • Abroad – International Indian Embassy School – Jeddah & several private schools at Jeddah & Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have incorporated this program in there curriculum.
  • All the schools under Aligarh Muslim University – Aligarh, have also adopted this program.
    1. National Institute of Open Schooling, (NIOS) NOIDA, NCT
    2. Aligarh Muslim University – Aligarh
    3. Central Board of Secondary Education (In process).

    1. Ministry of Information Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    2. Ministry of Education Dubai, UAE. (In process).
    MESCO spends about INR 10 Millions (One Crore) annually for the above programme towards teachers training, sponsored teachers salaries, printing of books, and administration of the programme, from its funds to a large extent and from the donations and sponsorships to some extent. The scope of the programme and possibility of expansion is infinite as it has to reach each & every student and individual.


Please give time & understand the importance of this programme, come forward and help in any way you can. Donate, sponsor or propagate. Help in implementing it in the schools & colleges in your area or where ever possible.

Send Aalims for one month and graduates and Hafiz for six months to Hyderabad for courses and training (no charges except travel expenses to & from Hyderabad) so that they become effective teachers in the schools / colleges in your area. All expenses on training are borne by MESCO - ALEEF

Pray for the success and universal implementation of the programme. Hope this gives an understanding of the programme. We will be pleased to clarify further if you have any questions. May Allah help us do this for only His sake and make things easy for us. May Allah accept our efforts, Ameen.

Mesco Branches